Passione Amiga #15 Links

Games News

Abbey(s) of the Dead


Atic Atac

Boxx3 Remake

Castelvania AGA

Death Rally

Doomed Castle




Guardian: the legend of flaming sword


Karate Champ

Knight Lore


Laser World


Ooze: The Escape

Ring Around the World

Souverän Soccer

Star Wars: Dark Forces

Tales of Gorluth III

Thalimar: Land of Chaos

The Forgotten Pyramid


Wonderboy III – Monster Lair

Scena Demo

Posadas 2023

Amiga 64k intro compo

1. Heavy Cargo by Focus Design

Intro compo

1. TTCC (The Terra Cresta Cracktro) by Swiss Cracking Association & Spreadpoint

2. Syntro-n by Capsule

2. AMIGAstore Cracktro by Batman Group

3. Fornite OCS Cracktro by Ozone

4. Cracking Posadas by Software Failure

5. Blitter Lite by The Customs

Amiga ECS Demo

1. Compofillers Rises by Compofillers


High Coast Hack 2023

Combined intro/demo

1. Polycows by Nukleus


Pågadata 2023

Amiga demo

1. Lubricator announce by The Electronic Knights


Evoke 2023

Alternative demo

3. Everything Turns by Rebels

9. Northern Palace Cracktro by Tristar & Red Sector Inc.


Euskal 2023

Combined demo

2. Fake One by Purple Studios

Combined intro

1. Insomniac Contemplation by Software Failure